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What are Masonry Inserts?

Sculpted works with or without a frame designed to be laid up with mortar in brick coursing or stonework.  perforated dimensional line art panels that add interest to architecture.

Why use Masonry Inserts?

Masonry Inserts can be spaced randomly or orderly in a field of brick or stone. They help create a bond between the user and the built environment. They can reinforce a theme, provide visual continuity or act as a focal point to enhance an architectural form or space. Historically, applied decorative elements were used to embellish architecture while strengthening cultural identity and references.

What Masonry Insert designs are available?

Currently, 169 classic and contemporary designs are available in our Masonry Insert collection. Natural, geometric and iconic designs are hand sculpted with and without frames. Hundreds of molds are in stock and ready to be put in production for your project.

Masonry Inserts are carefully made to order with crisp details, sharply defined shapes, and uniform finishes. When not mortared into a wall, they can also be display on a table or bookshelf as an Architectural Artifact.

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What sizes and shapes are available?

Masonry Inserts are sized to fit typical mortar joints in brick coursing. Click on any design in our MASONRY INSERT COLLECTION page to view the sizes and shapes available.

What are Masonry Inserts made from?

Visit our Materials page for information on Masonry Inserts available material compositions.

Available Colors?

Visit our Colors page for information on Masonry Inserts colors and finishes.

How are Masonry Inserts Installed?

Visit our Technical Data page for information on Masonry Inserts installation, specifications and all available technical data.