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Sculpted Grilles

Grilles are line art designs created in a framed panel with open background. Inspired by traditional decorative wrought iron work, Grilles recreate imagery in an outline form with the substrate visible through the voids in the design.


Natural, geometric and iconic designs are hand sculpted in outline form, then replicated in high definition molds. Hundreds of classic, contemporary and geometric designs in various shapes and sizes are preserved in our inventory of molds.  Each mold is ready to cast an Architectural Grille which is then painted and finished to your specification. View our GRILLE COLLECTION page to view the many sizes, shapes and colors available.

Made to order

Architectural Grilles are carefully made to order.  Some items may be in stock due to overruns but most all orders are produced on demand. Each item is cast, finished and packaged in our USA facility using localy obtained raw material. View our Materials page for information on Grille material composition.


Packaged and created items are shipped directly from our manufacturing facility to your project jobsite. Grille installation recommendations can be found here.

Create a bond between people and the built environment.

Sculpted imagery can inspire historic, informative and symbolic reference in the user of your architectural space. Applied decorative elements have historically been used to embellish architecture while strengthening cultural identity and societal references. Architectural art in the form of sculpted Architectural Grilles can enhance the user's positive experience.

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Grilles | Colors and Sizes

Architectural Grille Painted Finishes

Grille Design Shown: 051-Deco Curl
Painted Finish: Statue Green (Disc.)
See Gallery of all 60 Designs
  • New Architectural Grilles in over 60 decorative designs
  • Available in Chalk, Ebony and Primed Painted Finish
  • Designs complement similar Medallion designs
  • Very Simple “bolt on” installation with TAPCON™ screws
  • “Tough as nails” finish is warranted for 10 years*
  • Made with a proprietary mix of polymers and fibers
  • Finely crafted in the style of European ironwork
  • Helps project qualify for LEEDS points from US Green Building Council

Architectural Grille Sizes

Grille Shown: 079-Laze
Painted Finish: Wine (Disc.)
Standard Architectural Grille designs are available in six sizes. The design elements of each size Architectural Grille are proportionately dimensioned to the other sizes, so that a smaller size Architectural Grille viewed close up  looks the same as a larger size Architectural Grille viewed from further away. Custom Architectural Grille Designs and Sizes are also available.

Available standard Grille sizes: 12", 16", 24", 36" & 48"
Custom sizes available as custom orders.

Grilles | Designs and Custom Work

Architectural Grille Designs

Grille Shown: 011-Scallop
Painted Finish: Statue Green
Medallion Shown: 011-Scallop
Engineered Cast Stone: Pure Pearl
Architectural Grilles are available in over 60 designs.
Each Architectural Grille compliments a similar design from our collection of over 100 Medallion designs.

Custom Architectural Grilles

Squares, rectangles, circles, freeform shapes; abstract, illustrative or informational themes - Architectural Grilles can be designed in many shapes, sizes, finishes and styles.

Custom Architectural Grilles can also be made to reinforce a project identity or theme. Visit our Grilles Custom Gallery.