Founder of Pineapple Grove Designs

Christopher Xavier O'Hare
is an American artist born and educated in New York. From early on he saw how people related to the symbolism of the sculpted images carved in stone on buildings throughout the city. He was again inspired by the historic architectural ornament he studied on buildings throughout Europe and Asia. O'Hare recognized how people relate when art is used to humanize the architectural features which form the built environment. Architectural art encourages a bonding experience between the viewer and the developed space they occupy. O'Hare founded Pineapple Grove Designs in 1988 to create art which strengthens that bond between people and architecture.

O'Hare's body of work is represented in the collections of Pineapple Grove Designs. The work includes iconographic art inspired by natural, geometric and arabesque imagery with references to traditional, historic and contemporary themes. The images are created in bas-relief sculpted medallions, frieze bands, panels, tiles, and decorative grilles and fabricated in cast stone, polymer composite and metal. An extensive inventory of molds has been created from thousands of sculpted items. Additional sculpted items are continually created. Architectural art elements are ready to be made from each of these molds. O'Hare is joined in the studio by an in-house team of artists, mold makers and technicians to produce these bespoke works.