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What are Decor Medallions?

A collection of wide frame sculpted medallions made for table-top or wall hanging display.

Why use Decor Medallions?

Decor Medallions are a great way to bring architectural art into the home or office. They are designed to hang on a wall or on be placed on a table, shelf or desk.  Made from real engineered stone, they have an architectural look and feel. Contemporary and classic designs are sculpted in bas-relief and surrounded by a generous frame. Historically, applied decorative elements were used to embellish architecture while strengthening cultural identity and cultural references.

What Decor Medallion designs are available?

Many classic and contemporary designs can be viewed in the DECOR MEDALLION COLLECTION. Decor Medallions are carefully made to order with crisp details, sharply defined shapes, and meticulous finishes.

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What sizes and shapes are available?

Click on any design in our DECOR MEDALLION COLLECTION page to view the size and shape available.

What are Decor Medallions made from?

Visit our Materials page for information on Architectural Medallions available material compositions.

Available colors?

Click on any design in our DECOR MEDALLION COLLECTION page to view available colors.

How are Decor Medallions installed?

Table-top Décor Medallions have a threaded post that supports the Décor Medallion in a substantially upright position. Wall hanging Décor Medallions have a cast in place keyhole for hanging the Décor Medallion on a vertical surface.