Pineapple Grove Designs creates sculpted Architectural Elements for architects, engineers, designers and project decision makers. We design and fabricate original works of Architectural Art intended for decorative display and permanent installation. Medallions, frieze banding, grilles, masonry inserts, 3D tiles, custom work and sign panels are offered in Engineered Cast Stone (ECS), Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) Mineral Polymer Composite (MPC) and metal. Choose items from our Collections or commission Custom Architectural Elements specific to your project.

Early Beginnings

Pineapple Grove Designs was founded in 1988 in a garage in the Pineapple Grove Design District of Delray Beach, Florida. We have since grown to occupy over 45,000 sq. ft. and over 5 acres of production area. On-site staff includes, artists, designers, pattern and mold makers, programmers, and account personnel ready to help you with your project.


We create architectural art in multiple sizes, shapes and finishes. Items range in size from 2 inches (50 mm) to 84 inches (2133 mm). Larger works can be created in multiple sections and joined together on site. We maintain a large inventory of molds created from thousands of sculpted elements we have created. Additional sculpted elements are continually created. Bespoke architectural art elements are ready to be cast and finished from each of these molds. Metal elements are fabricated from patterns we create which are cast and finished in a foundry. All work is fabricated, crated and shipped from our facility in the USA.

Our Customers

Over 24,000 architects, engineers, designers and builders have trusted Pineapple Grove Designs to provide sculpted Architectural Elements on more than 200,000 projects throughout North America and internationally. Our clients include federal, state, and local government departments and agencies, U.S. military, public and private institutions, universities, commercial, resort and entertainment developers, and private homeowners. Click here for a partial list of clients and projects. We share their goal and yours - to make our built environment more beautiful, functional and supportive of the human experience. Contact us, we are ready to help.

Environmental Responsibility

All design and production takes place in our USA studios and manufacturing facility with raw materials that are locally sourced whenever possible. Our in-house recycling program has significantly reduced waste stream material and our efforts to ever improve production efficiencies and material sourcing have kept our carbon footprint to a minimum. We have developed procedures that have resulted in zero waste water and zero fabrication material waste.

As a manufacturer we understand that no matter how careful we worked we still had an impact on the natural environment. In addition to our reuse and recycling efforts we search for a way to mitigate that impact.

Recognizing the increasing threats to tropical marine environments and coastal communities as early as 1995 Pineapple Grove Designs began working with government agencies and universities to help mitigate that threat. We contributed our resources and materials and engineering knowledge to develop artificial reef modules capable of increasing marine habitat and protecting coastal beaches. Hundreds of artificial reef modules have been designed, fabricated and donated by our subsidiary Reef Cells. Our ongoing research has resulted in developing artificial reef modules that actually look and act like natural reef habitats. We have also developed and contributed coral restoration strategies and tools for universities and researchers involved in coral restoration and coastal protection. Our mitigation goal is to work with stakeholders to protect and enhance the marine environment by building and restoring coral reefs and fish habitat while helping coastal communities through diver tourism and shoreline protection. Click here to learn more.