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Banded Oak 108

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Architectural Art for Display in your Home or office.

Décor Medallions are decorative architectural elements displayed as freestanding décor or wall art.

Designed to be displayed as a portable decorative art element, each sculpted medallion is highly detailed with sharp features and deep shadows. Real stone material is uniform throughout the piece and the surface is hand finished to expose the internal stone aggregate. The back surface is smooth with an integral keyhole for wall hanging or a post insert for upright display. Learn more details about our Decor Medallions here.

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Item Code & Size  |  Decor Medallions

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Each Decor Medallion is 1" thick overall, sculpted in bas-relief a full 5/8" deep and is surrounded by a 2" wide frame. The face and sides have an exposed stone aggregate finish, and the back surface is smooth.

Decor Medallions are
9-1/2" high by 9-1/2" wide by 1" thick
Decor Medallions weigh
about 3-1/2 pounds each
Note: Above drawings are typical representational sizes and profiles of all Decor Medallions.

Applications  |  Decor Medallions

Choose either upright display or wall hanging options

The architectural Décor Medallion may be ordered with either a removeable pin stand for upright display on a level surface or with an integral keyhole opening for hanging on a wall.

Pin Stand
A removable pin screws into
an insert in the rear and supports
the sculpted panel upright.
Wall Hanger
An integral keyhole is available for
hanging the Décor Medallion on a wall.
Pin Stand
The Pin Stand is great for media
center and cabinet display because
it creates a hidden low profile view.
Bracket Stand
The Bracket Stand is great for
on table displays when the
back of the piece is exposed.
French Cleat
The French Cleat creates soft
shadow behind the piece
giving it a floating like feel.
Wall Hanger
The Wall Hanger is the traditional
wall mounting solution for on
the wall display.

Colors  |  Decor Medallions

Engineered Cast Stone
Download each color in PDF format by clicking on the specific label.
*Select our Primed color to apply custom paint on the field.
To order Engineered Cast Stone Finish Samples, click here or call 800-771-4595

Materials  |  Engineered Cast Stone

Engineered Cast Stone is a unique mixture of premium cements, crushed limestone, colorfast pigments and proprietary admixtures. The cast element is hand etched to expose internal aggregate while preserving fine details and sharp edges. The resulting stone-like material resembles natural limestone but is superior to natural stone in strength, density, uniformity and durability. Learn more.

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