Acanthus 08-SM-038
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Architectural Grilles combine wrought iron style with dimensional line art.

Original wrought iron-like designs are inspired by our shared history of iconic imagery.

Our artists have created these original works by interpreting culturally and historically referenced symbols. Each design is intended to provoke in the viewer a feeling of connection with the built space. Learn more details about Architectural Grilles here.
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Item Codes & Sizes  |  Architectural Grilles

12" Sq.  |  XX Lbs.
16" Sq.  |  XX Lbs.
24" Sq.  |  XX Lbs.
36" Sq.  |  XX Lbs.
48" Sq.  |  XX Lbs.
Note: All standard Architectural Grilles are 7/8" thick overall.

Colors  |  Architectural Grilles

Painted Finishes
Download each color in PDF format by clicking on the specific label.
*Select our Primed color to apply custom paint in the field.
To order Painted Finish Samples, click here or call 800-771-4595

Materials  |  Mineral-Polymer Composite

Mineral-Polymer Composite is a unique mixture of polymer cements, crushed limestone, mineral fiber and proprietary admixtures. The cast element has a smooth finish with fine details and sharp edges. The resulting casting has exceptional flexural strength and durability. Our Mineral-Polymer Composite elements may also be reinforced with steel or polymer rebar. Learn more.

Technical Data  |  Mineral-Polymer Composite

Pineapple Grove Designs' technical information is available for download. Contact us if you need more information or you have a unique installation that requires specific technical assistance. Information contained herein is subject to modification or change. Please refer to current Technical Data prior to ordering.

Radiant 119
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