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What are Custom 3D Tiles?

Custom 3D Tiles are dimensional tiles with surface designs that work alone as a repeating image or work together to create a larger pattern over the field of tiles. Select from designs in our CUSTOM 3D TILE COLLECTION or design your own Custom 3D Tile and we will make it for you.

Why use Custom 3D Tiles?

Custom 3D Tiles create large accent wall surfaces. They provide a macro texture and pattern that can be further enhanced with creative lighting to contrast surface light and shadow. Organized or chaotic patterns provide a stimulating viewer experience.

Custom 3D Tiles help create a bond between the user and the built environment. They can reinforce a theme, provide visual continuity or act as a focal point to enhance an architectural form or space. Historically, applied decorative elements were used to embellish architecture while strengthening cultural identity and references.

What Custom 3D Tiles are available?

Select from the current designs of CUSTOM 3D TILE COLLECTION or create your own unique Custom 3D Tile design. Design shapes may be square, rectangular, fish scale, polygon, tessellated or any shape that creates a field pattern. You can design the surface form and texture or send us a sketch and we will design it for you.

Custom 3D Tiles are carefully made to order with crisp details, sharply defined shapes, and meticulous finishes.

For more information please contact us at: or call 800-771-4595.

What sizes and shapes are available?

Click on any design in our CUSTOM 3D TILE COLLECTION page to view the sizes and shapes of currently available 3D Tiles.

What are Custom 3D Tiles made from?

Visit our Materials page for information on Custom 3D Tiles available material compositions.

Available colors?

Visit our Colors page for information Custom 3D Tiles colors and finishes.

How are Custom 3D Tiles installed?

Visit our Technical Data page for information on Custom 3D Tiles installation, specifications and all available technical data.