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Table 1-SculptStone™ Substrate Preparation
Table 2-SculptStone™ Installation Procedures
SculptStone™ Installation Figures

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Substrate Condition Preparation
Concrete, Masonry
Stucco on Block
Stucco on Lathe
Clean Untreated No preparation required.
Dirty, Form Oil Residue Clean Surface with detergent & water then etch surface with muriatic acid, rinse thoroughly and/or scour with a wire brush.
Painted, Sealed Sandblast clean or scarify with a masonry grinder.  Wash away sandblasting dust thoroughly.  If sandblasting/scarifying is not possible, then apply galvanized metal lathe with concrete nails.
Smooth Surface (Tilt-up, FRC Board) Insure proper bond with a bondcoat of thin set.  Prepare with bonding agent on clean surface.
Polystyrene Board   Apply glass fiber cloth & waterproof coat of polymer stucco according to manufacturer's instructions before applying medallion.
Interior Gypsum Board, Two-Coat Plaster New
No preparation required.
Painted, Dirty Remove loose or flaking paint. Clean as per adhesive manufacturer's specifications.
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Substrate Procedure
Exterior Concrete, Masonry,
Stucco on Block,
Stucco on Lathe
Prepare surface as indicated in Table 1. Apply bonding agent to wall if necessary. Wet SculptStoneTMpiece thoroughly. A mortar mix of three parts masonry sand, one part Portland masonry cement, clean mixing water and bonding agent admixture is spread on the wall or back of the SculptStone™ piece or both to achieve 100% coverage. Piece is then pressed into mortar bed and joints are tooled and finished as mortar begins to stiffen. Face of piece is then cleaned of any splashed mortar or mortar smears.

If colored grout is to be used, joints should be raked to base of piece and around perimeter. After mortar is cured, joints should be dampened and colored pointing mortar or prepared grout may be applied.

Allow " joint between adjacent pieces for grout. Grout perimeter and any joints with grout containing elastomeric additive (Laticrete or equivalent).

Polymeric Stucco over Polystyrene Board Use stucco manufacturer's adhesive to apply medallion to waterproof substrate. Stainless steel pins must penetrate through polystyrene panel to structural base. Anchor tabs may be used for screw-on applications.
Interior Gypsum Board, Two-Coat Plaster Prepare surface as indicated in Table 1. Apply construction adhesive to piece and press into place as per adhesive manufacturer's instructions. Predrilled pieces may be fastened with screws and anchors or toggle bolts to wall.

Note: Tables 1 and 2 assume wall is structurally sound, stable and weather tight.

Note: Hold piece in place during initial set of mortar or adhesive by securing a horizontal ledger strip to wall and a diagonal brace to the face of each panel.

Note: Ultimate connection design is the responsibility of Building Design Engineer, Architect or otherwise responsible person charged with the connection design.

Warning! Failure to follow these instructions or to install product in an insecure or unsafe manner can result in property damage, serious injury or death. Personal safety equipment required for installation. See SculptStone™ Installation Specs 3.2 A.

Installation Figures SculptStone™ Installation figures Installation Figures