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About SculptStone®

What is SculptStone®?
SculptStone® is engineered cast stone material composed of premium cement binder, sized aggregates, fiber reinforcements and pigments. The cast product is surfaced etched and ground to expose the internal aggregate and enhance the material’s stone finish. Architectural art made from SculptStone® cast stone has the appearance of carved limestone. Unlike natural limestone however, SculptStone® cast stone is uniformly strong and color consistent. SculptStone® cast stone bas-relief panels are usually cast as a single color but may also be produced in multiple SculptStone® colors. The finished cast panels can be left to weather in their natural finish or may be sealed with penetrating or surface sealers. Ultimate sealer finishes range from stone matte to glazed glossy. SculptStone® cast stone is also available with a specialized primer coating for painting on your job site. Chromacast® finishes are also available.

How is SculptStone® better?

SculptStone® is better than natural stone because it is uniformly engineered and not subject to the occasional random defects found in natural stone. SculptStone® is also made from sustainable materials and is easier to fabricate than natural stone and therefore less expensive.

SculptStone® is superior to polymer stucco EIFS carvings because of the quality of its highly detailed surface texture and details. SculptStone® is also much stronger than EIFS systems and not as readily damaged by storm events or environmental challenges. SculptStone® is heavier than EIFS carvings and therefore needs more substantial support. Conditions that require an ornament to be less heavy than one made from SculptStone® can benefit from Pineapple Grove Designs’ light weight material alternatives TechStone and PolymerStone.

SculptStone® is extremely durable. It is uniformly engineered for strength. The SculptStone® colors are uniform throughout the matrix; not surface coated like some other manufactured cast stone. SculptStone® is carefully finished with consistent surface appearance, finely detailed features and straightforward installation methods.

SculptStone® is Earth Friendly:

SculptStone® is composed of low CO2 cements, sustainable and recycled aggregates and is fabricated using environmentally responsible methods and procedures. The raw ingredients are composed of over 50% post industrial and post consumer material. Quarried aggregates are sourced within 200 miles of the final production facility.

SculptStone® items are engineered strong enough to reduce the need for excessive packaging material. They are also sufficiently durable and can outlast the lifecycle of the project where they are installed thereby eliminating the environmental cost of their replacement. They are fabricated on demand and thus do not require resources to inventory, maintain or replace spoilage. SculptStone® items are shipped directly from the manufacturing facility to the jobsite greatly reducing energy consumed in typical distribution shipping and handling. SculptStone® material generates no solid waste as overruns and blemished or otherwise unusable items are ground up and reused to fabricate new SculptStone® items.

SculptStone™ Colors

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