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About SculptMetal™

What is SculptMetal™?
SculptMetal™ is a Composite of metal and minerals bonded with advanced polymers and reinforced with continuous Carbon/Kevlar™/Glass fibers. The surface is finished to resemble bronze, nickel, iron and other metals. The matrix is composed of 50% recycled material. Various patina or antiquing techniques are applied and the completed items is sealed in a clear coat finish. SculptMetal™ can be painted to match any color.

"Tough as nails" clear coat SculptMetal™
Metal finish bonded to matrix.
Matrix of metal and mineral polymer Composite reinforced with continuous Carbon/Kevlar™/Glass fibers. Contains 50% recycled material.

How is SculptMetal™ better than traditional foundry metal?

  • SculptMetal™ is easier to install.
  • SculptMetal™ costs less to make, transport and install.
  • SculptMetal™ can be fabricated and delivered to the job site much more quickly than traditional architectural metal.
  • SculptMetal™ is earth friendly:
  • Uses less energy to make
  • Less energy to transport
  • Less energy to install
  • Uses less than 1% of the non-sustainable metals typically consumed in traditional metal work
  • Releases far less CO2 and other greenhouse gases during manufacturing
  • Contains 50% recycled material

SculptMetal™ looks and feels exactly like foundry metal without metal's environment impact.

Wasteful Alternative to Earth Friendly SculptMetal™ by Pineapple Grove DesignsFoundry metals require massive amounts of energy during fabrication. They release lots of greenhouse gases while consuming 100% of their weight in non-sustainable resources. Foundry Metals are expensive and difficult to transport and install.

We are constantly working to improve all our products, processes and formulations; SculptMetal™ specifications are therefore subject to change at any time.

SculptMetal™ is Earth Friendly:

  • 50% recycled content
  • No harmful emissions during fabrication or after installation
  • No CO2 release during fabrication-low carbon footprint
  • Low energy consumption for fabrication
  • Lighter weight reduces fuel needed for delivery
  • Lighter weight and high strength reduce labor and energy required for installation
  • Lighter weight and high strength reduce packaging material required for protection of item during transport
  • Fabricated “on demand”- no excess inventory to maintain or spoil, minimizes potential for waste
  • Delivered directly from manufacturer to job site, additionally reduces environmental costs of 3rd party handling and transport
  • Quality, long lasting material has long product life cycle eliminating excessive costs of repair and replacement

SculptMetal™ Colors

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