Pineapple Grove Designs Frequently Asked Questions


General Product Info

If your question is not answered below, please e-mail us or call 800-771-4595 and a customer service representative will be happy to assist you.


Q.    What is Engineered Cast Stone ?

A.    Although Engineered Cast Stone looks like natural stone, it's actually a unique mixture of premium cements, aggregates, coloring and admixtures. More...

Q.    What are Architectural Grilles made from?

A.    Architectural grilles are cast from a Polymer Composite proprietary mix of mineral and metal granules, polymers, and fibers bonded under pressure and heat to form a rigid, durable, dimensionally stable grille with superior flexural strength.

Q.    What is Chromacast®?

A.    Chromacast® is an engineered material composed of premium and proprietary acrylic polymers, minerals and pigments. The formulation is applied to the surface of architectural products by Pineapple Grove Designs. More...

Q.    How thick are the Engineered Cast Stone and Polymer Composite Medallions?

A.    All standard Medallions and Friezes are 1" thick overall.

Q.    How thick are the Polymer Composite Architectural Grilles?

A.    Standard 24" and 48" square Grilles are 1" thick overall, 72" and larger Grilles are 1-1/2" thick overall.

Q.    Are product dimensions actual or nominal?

A.    The dimensions of all our Architectural Ornaments are actual. A 24" x 24" square piece measures a full 24" x 24". Some Medallions are also available in nominal dimensions.

Q.    Can the Engineered Cast Stone and Polymer Composite Ornaments be painted?

A.    Engineered Cast Stone architectural ornaments and architectural art are etched to expose the aggregate interior for a very realistic stone like appearance. Engineered Cast Stone that is intended to be painted should be left un-etched and primed with a high quality alkaline resistant primer. We can prime these items for you prior to shipping.

Q.    Can the Architectural Ornaments be drilled?

A.    Yes, for an additional charge we can fabricate a hole to your specification to accommodate a pipe for a fountain surround. A hole can also be drilled on the job site by using tools typical for this purpose.

Q.    Can Engineered Cast Stone and Polymer Composite Architectural Ornaments be used in cold weather climates?

A.    Yes, Engineered Cast Stone has a less than 5% absorption rate and meets ASTM standards for frieze thaw conditions. Installation of our pieces requires a 1/8" joint for expansion in these climates when pieces are to be installed directly next to each other (i.e. friezes panels). Polymer Composite Architectural Ornaments are non-permeable and unaffected by adverse weather conditions.

Q.    Can Architectural Ornaments be returned?

A.    All Architectural Ornaments and Architectural Art are specifically made for your project. We don't carry an inventory of our products and therefore are not able to accept and re-stock return orders.



Q.    How are Engineered Cast Stone and Polymer Composite Medallions installed?

A.    Medallions and Friezes, regardless of their finish, have the same installation process. See Medallions and Friezes Installation Data Tables or Installation figures. See Architectural Grilles Installation Data Tables or Installation figures.

Q.    What is the recommended installation for a recessed Medallion or         Frieze application?

A.    We recommend temporary plywood or foam plugs 1/2" larger than the actual size of the Engineered Cast Stone or Polymer Composite pieces. These waste plugs will later be removed and replaced with the ornaments when the surrounding work is finished. The extra 1/2" dimension in size allows for easy installation and a small gap for a surrounding grout or caulk joint. To avoid soiling the panel, mask the front of the Engineered Cast Stone pieces if they are installed before the surrounding surface is stuccoed or painted.

Q.    Can Engineered Cast Stone Medallions be installed over an expansion joint?

A.    We do not recommend this application. Please call a customer service representative for special instructions.

Q.    Do the items come with mounting hardware?

A.    Stainless steel threaded anchors are cast in the back of the sculpted panels. These anchors accept stainless steel all-thread pins (included with your order) used as an aid in installation to secure the medallion on the substrate while the adhesive is curing. It is imperative for the back of the medallion to have 100% coverage of a construction adhesive conducive to both our cement based Engineered Cast Stone or Polymer Composite pieces and the wall substrate the adhesive is fixed to. Some Job site locations may require different mounting systems.



Q.    What is the lead time for production?

A.    All Architectural Ornaments and Architectural Art items are made to order. Allow 21-30 days for standard item production and 60-75 days for custom items. Production times may be adjusted depending on size and complexity of you order.

Q.    Are Architectural Ornaments or Architectural Art items in stock and        ready to ship?

A.    We inventory thousands of molds ready for casting. We produce standard and custom items when an order is placed. There is no inventory of ready to ship items. However we try to accommodate rush projects and if we can we will expedite your order when we can.


Custom Orders

Q.    What information is required for a custom medallion, architectural grille        or signage quote?

A.    E-mail or fax any preliminary sketches, photos or other artwork showing the proposed designs (dimensioned line art is preferred). Please include the job name, item size, and quantities needed.

Q.    What if I need a different color Medallion?

A.    Engineered Cast Stone is available in custom stone colors that are consistent throughout the matrix. Chromacast® is the best choice for intense color. Chromacast® is available in unlimited custom colors.