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About Chromacast®

What is Chromacast®?
Chromacast® is an engineered coating composed of premium and proprietary acrylic polymers, mineral matrix, microreinforcements and pigments. Chromacast® coatings are applied to fully cured architectural art items. The art items are first prefinished, primed and then several coats of Chromacast® are applied. Architectural art items with Chromacast® finish have the appearance of architectural metal. Unlike metal, Chromacast® finished items are not affected by environmental conditions that typically attack metal including oxidation or corrosion. Chromacast® finished items are available in many standard colors and finishes and may be custom colored to your specification.

How is Chromacast® better?

Chromacast® is better than metal because it is uniformly engineered and fabricated in a process that consumes and releases substantially less carbon than conventional metal production and Chromacast® is not subject to oxidation and corrosion that typically attacks architectural metal. Chromacast® is also made from sustainable materials and is easier to fabricate, install and maintain and therefore is less expensive.

Chromacast® is extremely durable. It is uniformly engineered for strength. The Chromacast® finishes are long lasting and resistant to deterioration and color fading caused by weather, sunlight or most environmental conditions. are uniform throughout the matrix; not surface coated like some other manufactured cast stone. SculptStone® is carefully finished with consistent surface appearance, finely detailed features and straightforward installation methods.

Chromacast® is Earth Friendly:

Chromacast® is composed of sustainable and recycled metals and minerals and is fabricated using environmentally responsible methods and procedures. The raw ingredients are composed of over 50% post industrial and post consumer material.

Chromacast® items are engineered strong enough to reduce the need for excessive packaging material. They are also sufficiently durable and can outlast the lifecycle of the project where they are installed thereby eliminating the environmental cost of their replacement. They are fabricated on demand and thus do not require resources to inventory, maintain or replace spoilage. Chromacast® items are shipped directly from the manufacturing facility to the jobsite greatly reducing energy consumed in typical distribution shipping and handling. Chromacast® material generates no solid waste as overruns and blemished or otherwise unusable items are ground up and reused to fabricate new Chromacast® items.

What Chromacast® finishes are available:

Chromacast® finishes are available in metalized finishes and chroma finishes. Custom finishes can also be factory applied or the Chromacast® item can be fabricated with a prime coat only and finished by others on the job site.

Chromacast® Metalized Finishes
Chromacast® Metalized Finishes are composed of exceptionally durable and long lasting engineered alkylyd-petro-polymers with premium pigments and metal and mineral admixtures producing a metalized protective barrier coating designed to provide excellent resistance to weather, sunlight and most environmental conditions while exhibiting complex light characteristics typical of conventional metal surfaces.

Chromacast® Chroma Finishes
Chromacast® Chroma Finishes are colored finishes of exceptionally durable veneer coatings engineered from low VOC proprietary acrylic polymers and premium pigments for superior adhesion and resistance to weather, sunlight and most environmental conditions.

Chromacast® Colors

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