Pineapple Grove Designs' Architectural Products

Engineered Cast Stone bas-relief Medallions and Friezes, sculpted panels and polymer/fiber composite Architectural Grilles work together enabling the use of the same design element in a variety of media on various scaled opportunities on a project. When used alone, a single decorative ornament becomes a riveting focal point. When used repetitively, multiple applications create cohesive, rhythmic design elements which reinforces a project's theme. Pineapple Grove Designs offers you architectural art that enhances the visual aesthetic of your project and strengthens the bond between your work and the people whose lives your work is intended to enhance.

Sculpted panels, brick and stone accents, "line art" style architectural grilles, colorful graphics all backed by great customer service and dedicated design support make Pineapple Grove Designs your source for exceptional architectural art. Installed as wall art, stand alone sculpture, used as door or window surrounds or as focal points mounted on the wall surface or recessed in an alcove or wall penetration, our architectural products are crafted for beauty and durability.