Pineapple Grove Designs SculptStone™ 7amp; Architectural Grille Accessories

Architectural Grilles Accessories

Offset Blocks

Screwing the frame."Bolt On" installation is easily performed by on-site trades. Each Architectural Grille is supplied with stainless steel TAPCON™ screws for quick attachment to any suitable substrate. Screws are inserted thru countersunk holes and matching plugs are fit into hole to cover screw heads.

Properly installed Architectural Grilles exceed 6000 lbs of shear and pullout force per Architectural Grille. Architectural Grilles weigh approximately 5 lbs/sq. ft.

Adding an offset block.Matching offset blocks with extended mounting screws are available for an enhanced shadow effect

Optional Enhanced Shadow

Pineapple Grove Designs Architectural Grille InstallationSame simple installation as above but extended mounting screws and added offset blocks hold Architectural Grille away from the wall for an enhanced shadow effect.