Pineapple Grove Designs custom cast stone signage and lettering medallions

About Signage & Lettering

It usually starts with an idea that gets further refined through our in-house design process. Or you may already have fully developed art work ready to be transformed into bas-relief sculpted architectural art or architectural ornaments. However it starts, the final work will exceed your expectations. Our artists can create stunning custom art for your project. We can hand paint the work too using our Chromacast® system.


Specifically created for each project, our sign panels provide identification, theme reinforcement, direction, or simply architectural playfulness. Designs are created from the specifier's detailed drawings or drawings developed by the artists at Pineapple Grove Designs.

Chromacast® FINISH

Custom plaques, sign panels and other items can be fabricated in either Engineered Cast Stone or Polymer Composite. Designs can be sculpted in bas-relief, laser etched, routed, distressed, oxidized and treated just about any way that traditional metal is worked.

The finished item will look and feel like conventional metal items but without the expense to the environment and your project's budget so typical of traditional metals.


Browse some of the featured signs we have created for previous projects. They illustrate the various techniques that we use to sculpturally communicate your visual message. View our Signage & Lettering Gallery


Simply submit a two-dimensional drawing, a photo or just an idea. Pineapple Grove Designs will create a Shop Drawing of the proposed sign for your approval. Pineapple Grove Designs will then turn your art or idea into a custom sculpted sign.

For more information please contact us at or call us at 800-771-4595.

Pineapple Grove Designs cast stone Signage and Lettering