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About Pineapple Grove Architectural Grilles

Choose from our portfolio of sculpted architectural grilles ready to be cast, finished and shipped to your jobsite or ask us to create a custom architectural grille unique to your project. Our sculpted grilles come in a variety of sizes and finishes. They are made from a proprietary mix of mineral and metal granules, polymers, and fibers bonded under pressure and heat to form a rigid, durable, dimensionally stable grille with superior flexural strength. Pineapple Grove Designsí artists create these architectural grille designs using historic references and contemporary images. While the designs are aesthetically interesting, each architectural grille is carefully made to be both beautiful and durable. They are available with a primer coat only for jobsite finishing or finished by us with multiple applications of Chromacast® coatings in color pigmented or metalized finishes. Patination is applied to non-ferrous metalized finishes for a verdigris effect and iron finishes are oxidized for a deep rust effect. Strict quality controls insure a consistent and uniform finish on all architectural grilles.

Architectural Grilles in Chromacast®

Pineapple Grove Designs Anthemion Architectural Grille Ornament Grille Design: 043-Anthemion
Chromacast® color: Cayenne Red

See Gallery of all Sixty Designs
  • New Architectural Grilles in over 60 decorative designs
  • Available in multiple sizes from 1' to 6' square & numerous Metalized & Chroma color finishes
  • Designs complement similar Medallion designs
  • Very Simple “bolt on” installation with TAPCON™ screws
  • “Tough as nails” finish is warranted for 10 years*
  • Made with a proprietary mix of polymers and fibers
  • Finely crafted in the style of European ironwork
  • Helps project qualify for LEEDS points from US Green Building Council

Architectural Grille Designs

Pineapple Grove Designs Scallop Architectural Grille Ornament
Grille Design: 011-Scallop
Chromacast® color: Statue Green
Pineapple Grove Designs Scallop SculptStone cast stone Architectural Ornament
Medallion Design: 011-Scallop
Engineered Cast Stone: Pure Pearl

Architectural Ornaments are available in over 60 Architectural Grille designs.

Each Architectural Grille compliments a similar design from our collection of over 100 Medallion designs.

Custom Architectural Grilles can also be made to reinforce a project identity or theme.

Architectural Grille Sizes

Architectural Grille Designs available sizes Architectural Grille Design 054-Cross & Jack in Metalized Antique Bronze

New available Grille sizes
Square: 12", 16", 24", 36", 48", & 72".

Standard Architectural Grille designs are available in six sizes. The design elements of each size Architectural Grille are proportionately dimensioned to the other sizes, so that a smaller size Architectural Grille viewed close up  looks the same as a larger size Architectural Grille viewed from further away. Custom Architectural Grille Designs and Sizes are also available.

Custom Architectural Grilles

Custom Logo Grille Custom Architectural Grille in Patina Bronze finish Custom Logo Grille
Custom Design and Shape Grille

Squares, rectangles, circles, freeform shapes; abstract, illustrative or informational themes - Architectural Grilles can be designed in many shapes, sizes, finishes and styles.