Christopher Xavier O'Hare

Born April 8, 1954, is an American artist. Originally trained as a Landscape Architect, he switched careers after years of designing private tropical gardens to devote his full attention to architectural art.He founded Pineapple Grove Designs in 1988 and offered his bas-relief sculpted panels to architects throughout the country.

O'Hare's collection of iconographic sculptures are inspired by plant, animal, geometric and arabesque imagery with references to traditional, historic and contemporary themes. O'Hare's body of work was recently expanded by his development of a line of Architectural Grilles which he describes as line drawings for the built environment. Similarly inspired by nature and geometry, these grilles offer additional opportunities for designers to explore the effects of light and shadow on the art. In addition to his collections, O'Hare has completed many commissions for custom, site specific architectural art for institutional and government projects from Okinawa Japan to Abu Dhabi UAE.

O'Hare's concern for environmental issues led him to a parallel career in bio-marine enhancement. He has several U.S. Patents for his inventions in this field and he currently builds artificial reefs known as REEF CELLS. O'Hare provides these without profit to foundations and government agencies and has multiple deployments throughout Palm Beach County in South Florida.
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